Fatima is an Afghan lady who was born and raised in Iran who married Nematullah after returning to Bamyan. Fatima is 28 years old and is living with her husband and three children – two sons and one daughter, in Bamyan City. They were very poor therefore they built a single room for their living. Although her husband is responsible for the family’s expenses, Fatima knew that the unstable job of her husband is not sufficient enough for the family, especially in winter and cold weather when there is no work for him as a daily wage laborer. She couldn’t afford to buy proper clothes and stationery for her two school-going children. As a responsible mother, Fatima was thinking ways in which she could procure savings for emergencies.

She says, “One day a surveyor from Hand in Hand came to our area and she enrolled my name in the list. After some time the program begun and I along the other women from my village received poultry training. I learnt how to build a chicken coop and how to keep chickens. Later I received 20 layer chickens, chicken feed and tools for poultry”.

Now, Fatima can make a monthly income of 2,600 AFN, whilst a few months ago she had no income. She plans to expand her small poultry to produce and sell more eggs. She added “I am feeling changes in my life more than before – the economic situation of our lives have changed, because currently I can help my husband with the house expenses like buying flour for bread and stationary items for my children. Thanks to Hand in Hand Afghanistan and GIZ for providing aid to the poor Afghan women in remote areas”.

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