A Poultry Farmer Gets Support From Self Help Group

Sayed Shafiullah, 36 years old, is living in a household of eleven members: father, mother, two brothers, wife, two sons and three daughters, in the Dara I Suf Payan district of Samangan province. He is the main income earner for the family.

After Sayed Shafiullah joined HiH Af and received training including business development and vocational skills training in poultry. Following the training he received enterprises startup kit from Hand in Hand Afghanistan; he started his small poultry business in his village. In order to keep his business running, he lent AFN 15,000 from his Self Help Group.

The loan helped him expand his business. He now runs a poultry farm with 600 chickens, and is a key supplier of quality chicken in the local market. He hired two men as full time employees with a monthly salary of AFN 3,000 as well as a 7.5% share in the business. He has also recruited three women in the community to help around with daily cleaning and upkeep of the chicken. He pays them monthly based on the wage rate of AFN 10 per chicken.

People living in the community are satisfied with Sayed Shafiullah’s supply and prefer his products over imported products in the market.

Through this business, Sayed Shafiullah’s income has increased from AFN 8,000 to AFN 20,000 a month. He is also putting aside AFN 2,000 a month to the Self Help Group.

Sayed Shafiullah won the 4th prize at Afghanistan Microfinance Association third clients’ success story competition and he is planning to invest the awarded amount along with another loan from the SHG to establish a wheat flour mill in his village.

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