Khawar and her dreams for the future

Khawar and her dreams for the future

Khawar is a 27 year old girl with disability. She was born healthy, but a planted mine exploded and caused losing her left leg when she was a kid and later on things got worse for Khawar as she lost her father too. She now lives in a rural area, in Zawarha village of Sholgara district with her 4 sisters and two brothers with lots of difficulties.

However, life has been frightening for Khawar since childhood, but it hasn’t stopped her being hopeful and looking to future optimistically. Although Khawar was illiterate and disabled, but not hopeless therefore she has been looking for a way to work and having income since long years ago. Khawar heard from friends and neighbors about HiH Af program and joined Aamo SHG which was formed in her village. Along with other trainings she received Live Skills training and learned how to read, write and do basic calculation after a four-month course.

Soon after, Khawar fulfilled another dream and became eligible of taking a tailoring training where trainees learn skills and basic financial management to run their own business. She is now a tailor and receives orders from neighborhoods and usually earns around AFN 5,000 per month. “I always dreamed to become a literate girl and then learn a skill which could help me to have income and contribute to family expenses, now i am very happy having this ability.” Said Khawar


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