In the past, taking financial responsibility for the family used to be mostly the role of men, but nowadays, women are taking both financial and household responsibilities. In order to ensure a bright future for the family, it is critical to allow women to be financially empowered.

Huzra’s real-life struggle to achieve her goals serves as an example of how important it is to let women be financially empowered so that they can support their families in the same way as men do.

Huzra is 35, resident of Sharak Wali Aser, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh province. She says,We are a family of six, my husband is a cook and he used to be the only breadwinner of our family. Life was good when he could find places to cook, but there were times when he couldn’t find work for days, weeks, or even months, and it’s painful to see your husband leave the house every morning working his hardest to earn money, but return with no income and you’re unable to help him. Furthermore, I decided to learn something that would allow me to support my family and help my husband. Thus, I talked to my husband to let me learn something that bring us income. Then, I joined the Morwarid SHG group I received business service training and received embroidery machine along with embroidery toolkits from Hand in Hand Afghanistan that helped me to build my own small enterprise and enabled me to have an income. Moreover, I would like to thank Hand in Hand Afghanistan Organization for their supporters and program, which enabled me to support my family during difficult times.”

After learning embroidery Huzra continued to make new designs and enhance embroidery skill and now she is a great embroiderer and has several clients. She brought a sample of her work to the shops and the shopkeepers liked her work and contracted with her. They gave the fabric and she only design the flowers on that fabric. Hence, she can earn around AFN 4,000 on monthly basis.  

Last winter my husband was not able to buy the needed groceries for our daily usage, so he took some loans from bank, but after starting my small entrepreneurs I did pay all his loan with that income. Now I want to have several contracts with other shops as well.” Said Huzra.

She also added, “I have a massage to other women who wants to make a better future for themselves and their children, even if you are uneducated, you should consider that by learning some skill or something that will provide you with an income at least you would be able to become financially independence and could support your family as well.” Said Huzra.

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