Meet Nesa

Nesa is a 27-years-old woman living in Dalkhaki village. She was married at the age of 13 and now has five children (three sons and two daughters).

Nesa explains the hardship she has experienced: “My husband and I are uneducated; he is a farmer. Due to the current situation and unemployment most of the time he has nothing to do. I was often busy with carpet weaving, but it was not enough because carpet weaving takes a lot of time for often little money. There were times in our life that we spent days without food and I was praying and hoping for a job day and night. Therefore, it was a new hope when I heard about Hand in Hand Afghanistan’s project in Dalkhaki and I joined Khorshid Self-Help Group.”

Nesa received training SHG management and poultry farming and was provided an enterprise start-up kit to establish her enterprise. She says, “I learned how to take care of chickens, vaccinating chickens from diseases and reproducing chickens. I also built chicken a coop with guidance of my trainers.

After completing the trainings, Hand in Hand Afghanistan provided me 20 layer chickens. Nowadays, the chickens lay 12-15 eggs per day and I can sell them for AFN 7 each, which brings me a monthly income of around AFN 3,000. Sometimes I bring the eggs to the city, hospitals, and shops to sell and earn more.”

Nesa continued, “I bought two sheep for AFN 5,500 each using my income. I shared everything I learned from the training with other women who were interested to have their own small enterprise.”

She also added, “My future plan is to expand the chicken farm and expand my livestock enterprise as well, so I could build a good future for my children and support my husband and father-in-law. I am grateful to Hand in Hand Afghanistan and their donors for providing such projects and being a helping hand for poor people like us.” 

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