Close Date
1Request for Proposal for conducting End Term Evaluation4/2/2018 newbutton123
2Request for Quotation (Chicken)11/1/2018 newbutton123
3Request for Quotation (Paper Box and Egg Tray)17/12/2017 newbutton123
4Request for Quotation (Chicken Feed)17/12/2017 newbutton123
5Request for Quotation (Plastic Basket)17/12/2017 newbutton123
6Request for Quotation (Poultry Toolkit)5/10/2017 newbutton123
7Request for Quotation (Chicken)1/10/2017 newbutton123
8Request for Quotation (Goats)1/10/2017 newbutton123
9Request for Quotation (Chicken and Toolkits)7/9/2017 newbutton123
10Request for Quotation (Chicken)4/9/2017 newbutton123
11Request for Quotation (Poultry Toolkit)4/9/2017 newbutton123
12Request for Quotation (Tailoring and Embroidery Toolkit)16/7/2017 newbutton123
13Request for Quotation (Weaving Yarn)16/7/2017 newbutton123
14Request for Quotation (Goats)30/3/2017 newbutton123
15Request for Quotation (Horticulture)30/3/2017 newbutton123
16Request for Quotation to Purchase Goats (Sancharak District)30/3/2017 newbutton123
17Request for Quotation (Beekeeping)30/3/2017 newbutton123
18Request for Quotation (Agriculture Toolkit)19/1/2017 newbutton123
19Request for Proposal for conducting Mid Term Review 12/10/2016 newbutton123
20Re Announcement of Request for Quotation (Agricultural Toolkit)6/10/2016 newbutton123
21Agriculture toolktis RFQ29/09/2016 newbutton123
22Request for Quotation of Goats for Sancharak & Gosfandi districts of Sar i Pul province. 18/8/2016 newbutton123
23Request for Quotation Livestock Toolkit for Dairy Cows (Balkhab District)18/8/2016 newbutton123
24Request for Quotation of Chicken (Layers and Broilers)7/8/2016 newbutton123
25Request for Quotation of Poultry Toolkits7/8/2016 newbutton123
26Request for Proposal for Conducting Project Specific External Audit Service10/8/2016 newbutton123
27Request for Proposals for Conducting End Term Review of HiH Af Project10/8/2016 newbutton123
28Agriculture Toolkits for D.S5/5/2016 newbutton123
29BEE RFQ - D.S5/5/2016 newbutton123
30Cow Rearing Toolkits5/5/2016 newbutton123
31Dara Suf Poultry5/5/2016 newbutton123
32Livestock RFQ for D.S5/5/2016 newbutton123
33RFQ for Agriculture ,Tailoring and Wool spinning Toolkit (Balkhab District)27/1/2016newbutton123
34RFQ for Agriculture ,Tailoring and Wool spinning Toolkit (Gosfandi District)27/1/2016newbutton123
35RFQ for Agriculture ,Tailoring and Wool spinning Toolkit (Sancharak District)27/1/2016newbutton123
36Invitation to Tender for External Audit Services12/12/2015newbutton123
37HiH Afghanistan RFP for Mid-term Review EU Project 201512/7/2015 newbutton123

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  •    Email : info@handinhand.org.af
  •    Address : House P-860, Street 10, Taimani, Kabul Afghanistan


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