30 years old Shekiba is mother of four children and now an entrepreneur as well. She joined the Marmar Self Help Group in November 2012. Her husband has a welding shop in Mahajir Qishlaq village of Sholgara district. Before joining the group, she was only a housewife engaged with routing home chores. She went through HiH Af’s Business Development training and vocational training and contributed AFN 2,000 to the group saving. She followed tailoring vocational training and learnt sewing. She got an internal loan of AFN 2,000 and invested on the raw materials as she already had the machine. She sews aprons, pot gloves and pot cover cloths and she has entered a deal with a shop at Balkh Market in Mazar-e-Sharif city and sells each set for 220 AFN which costs 170AFN to her. She produces 3 sets daily alongside other routine tasks at home. She’s decided to continue her enterprise; “I will hire someone to help me and expand my enterprise.” Shekiba Says.

Now, she contributes in family expenses through the income obtains from her enterprise; purchases new cloths and school stationary for her children and participate in family decision making. Her dignity within the family and the village has improved and every woman in the village knows her as a capable and empowered woman.


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