Strategic Objectives

Hand in Hand Afghanistan Strategic Objectives 2017 – 2020

Hand in Hand Afghanistan’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 focuses on what HiH Af seeks to achieve, how this will be accomplished and what resources are required. The Plan is complemented by a detailed budget and progress indicators, as well as a toolkit of internal documents covering governance, organizational policies, operational manuals, and systems, rules and procedures. The strategy will be used to provide an overarching framework for HiH Af and to guide its staff; for the Board of HiH Af to hold its management to account; to inform the broader HiH network of HiH Af’s plans and intentions; and for fundraising and presentation purposes to external stakeholders and potential donors.

During the period of this Strategic Plan, HiH Af anticipates supporting the creation or enhancement of 42,746 enterprises and 59,844 jobs by the end of 2020. These targets can be achieved if three key conditions are fulfilled: that the security situation is satisfactory, that HiH Af is able to ensure good quality of operations and results, and that funding is available.

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