Mohammad Qasim is 36 years old, father of 5 kids, lives in Tajik Elatan village of Sholgara district, Balkh province. He says “I am an agricultural farmer, I used to work very hard and yet my life was not improving because I was not able to earn enough, I was always worried about future of my family, didn’t have any other skill and my earnings were not sufficient. As my kids were getting older, I felt more lost and helpless for building their future”.

Mohammad Qasim joined Adalat SHG in his home village three years ago when HiH Af started mobilization. He says “I joined HiH Af to learn a skill and have a business, then I received several training including Business and vocational skills training in beekeeping. I selected beekeeping because it needs fewer tools and man power and I could have a beekeeping farm simultaneously with my agricultural activities”.

Mohammad Qasim started his enterprise with one box of bees received from HiH Af as enterprise startup kit and then purchased two boxes of bees from his own money. He says “In first year I collected 17 Kg of honey and sold each Kg for AFN 1,000. With this money I purchased 5 more boxes of bees and this year I was able to reproduce and increase my bee boxes to 21 and I was able to produce 85 Kg of honey”.

Mohammad Qasim has earned AFN 85,000 this year by selling honey, now he is a famous honey producer at the district level. He says “People from city center come to buy honey from me, beekeeping has not only increased my income but also helped me to be a famous business person”.

Mohammad Qasim is considered a role model for beekeeping entrepreneurs in neighboring districts including Chimtal district who recently came to visit his farm. He says “It makes me proud when people come here to visit my farm and they learn from me”.

Mohammad Qasim says “I am planning to buy honey extraction machine and to reproduce more bee boxes next year so I can sell more honey and bee boxes from next year onward”.

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