Abdul Razaq Tinsmith

I was Lost, Hand in Hand Afghanistan Showed me the Path.

Abdul Razaq is 48 years old, father of 4 children lives in Aqkobrok village of Kishindeh district, Balkh province. He joined Omid Self-help group after Hand in Hand Afghanistan started mobilization in his village. Since joining the SHG, he has attended regular biweekly group meetings and received group management, microfinance services, market linkage & value addition and business development services trainings from Hand in Hand Afghanistan.

Mr. Abdul Razaq had the skills of tinworks, but due to financial issue and lack of business knowledge, he was jobless. After joining the SHG and participating in trainings he was encouraged to start his own tinsmith enterprise by taking AFN 4,000 as loan from the SHG.

Now he has a shop in district market and most of his customers are from district center and villages around. He says “I was jobless and lost, with Hand in Hand Afghanistan support I was able to find the right path”. Abdul Razaq has already repaid the loan and running a successful business.

Abdul Razaq was jobless before joining the SHG, now he earns AFN 3,500 each month and he is confident that his business will be much better in the future.

“My life has improved, I have a job and I am able to earn my family expanses, Thank you Hand in Hand Afghanistan for the support.” Said Abdul Razaq.

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