Ibrahim is 45 years, father of7 children, lives in Chaila village of Balkhab district, Sarepul province.

His eldest son has just completed high school, he says “I was a tailor but because of lack of skills and resources I was not able to earn enough, therefore I was struggling in generating enough income for my family. As my son was getting close to his last year of school, I was very worried of his future because I was not able to finance his higher education. My income was hardly around AFN 4,000 per month”.

Ibrahim planned to travel abroad in search of a job two years ago, but his family never agreed then he heard about Hand in Hand Afghanistan’s “Reducing Poverty and Gender Inequality Project”, he joined Muntazeran Self-Help Group and started attending group meetings. He attended regular group meetings, received Group Management, Microfinance and Business Development Services (BDS) training. He was very interested to further improve his skills in tailoring so he chose to join tailoring vocational skills training and received enterprise startup kit.

He says “After learning new designs and receiving tools from the HiH Af, I expanded my business and opened a shop in district center, Now I earn around AFN 9,000 per month and I am optimist about future, my income is increasing day by day because my customers are getting increased.

Ibrahim added that “I have also attended life skills training for entrepreneurs conducted by HiH Af which enabled me to record my income and cost; this helps me to understand the pricing as well as, I am now able to manage my business and personal expenses”.

He Says “I am planning to recruit two apprentices  in my tailoring shop within next season which will result besides increasing my  income; they will get jobs.”

Ibrahim is planning to send his son for higher education to Mazar-i-Sharif so that he can join a private university.

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