Knowledge Sharing Through Exposure Visits

As a part of capacity building efforts, Hand in Hand Afghanistan facilitated a one day exposure visit for members of Self Help Groups in Kishindeh district.

In this exposure visit 6 rural entrepreneurs who are members of SHGs from Aqkobrok village visited 2 well-functioning SHGs (Spozhmai and Mumtaz) and 9 enterprises of poultry, livestock, tailoring and handicraft sectors in Kishindeh Bala and Kishindeh Payen villages of Kishindeh district. The visited SHG members are poor and vulnerable women but very successful in regular savings and issuing internal loans for enterprise creation.

During this visit, the members interacted and learnt how the groups are functioning with the guidance of Hand in Hand Afghanistan and compared their functionality statuses.

The exposure visit to other groups became an eye opener to the members of SHGs from Aqkobrok village. The rural entrepreneurs has decided to adopt appropriate systems and procedures to improvise their groups in all aspects, as well as decided to share the knowledge gained through this visit with other members of their SHGs.

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