She always used to watch bee movies and video clips on TV and loved to buy honeybees, once she wanted to buy bee box from the beekeeper in her village, but the man scared her and told all negative about beekeeping. But, she did not lose her courage, after sometimes Kobra heard about the project which started the survey in their area. She was identified eligible by Hand in Hand Afghanistan and she happily joined the project.
Kobra has a big family, she lives with her parents, three sisters and five brothers. Her father is blind and he is not able to work also the elder brother is married and has children. They all live together in Qadeem village of Sholgara district, Balkh province.
“I joined Arzo SHG to learn skills and have a business, then I received several training including Business and beekeeping skills training. After that received one beehive and enterprise startup kit. During one and half year I added 5 more boxes and I was able to collect 35 Kg honey and sold 15 kg, each Kg for AFN 1,000. As we are big family, we have served few Kgs honey in breakfast and everyone like the pure test of it. From this income I could add 5 more beehives and repaired my embroidery machine as well. In addition, at the moment 15 Kg are available for sell and I want to become a famous honey producer in my district by purchasing a honey extracting machine for more facilities in future despite of those available in the Women Beekeeping Association, Said Kobra 22 years old”.
Through my business, I will support my family as it is large and only providing food is not an easy task for my brothers who are daily-wage workers in the Sholgara downtown.
I will support my family in food items as well as my two brothers, which they provide all expenses. After receiving training, now I know that women is not only for housework, they can manage a business even at home and make a better life for their family.

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