Sabro 45 years old, mother of 8, lives in Asyabe Sharaf village of Chimtal district. She says all of my kids are young and most of them are married. She used to stitch clothes and make handicrafts to earn money when she was young.

‘My husband is village leader and does not have proper incomes. My elder daughter is 30 years and the youngest is 7 years old, she is not healthy and needs treatment each month which we could not afford. Life was getting difficult for us’ says Sabro.

She was keen to have her own business at home and help her family. After joining Yalda SHG, She attended regular group meetings and received series of training including, Group Management, Microfinance, Business Development Services (BDS) training and Life Skills Training for Entrepreneurs. After completing BDS training she received a loan of AFN 10,000 from the SHG and opened a shop where she sells things like fabric, biscuits, drinks etc.

Besides running the shop, she also raises goats as an alternative source of income to sell the milk. Thanking the Donors and the organization Sabro says, ‘The project has enabled me to start working again and I am running two enterprises because I am the main earner of the family’.

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