Wahdat is a female SHG in Sholgara district of Balkh province, the group was formed in June 2012 with 13 women who came together to change their life a brighter future. All the thirteen women of the SHG produce handicraft such as; pillow, bed sheet, table cloth, shall-gelim, bags and other decoration products.

Zolfia daughter of Mohammad Yaqoub is a 35 years old Afghan lady with 7 children 4 daughters and 3 sons. Zolfia has well received the trainings provided by HiH Af. She has the skill to make hand-produced pillow but she did not use her skill for a long time because she was concerned about marketing the products. With the support of HiH Af she was linked to the right market in Mazar to sell her products. Now she makes 2 pillows every day. To make a pillow she spends 70AFN and sells it for 150AFN which brings her a profit of 80AFN. The good thing is that she herself produces the raw material and all the process is done by herself with help of her family. She buys the wool, cleans it, washes it, dye it then weave it in to cloth and finally the designs are made.

She is earning 160AFN per day and is very happy with the changes she has noticed so far in her life with the support she has received from Hand in Hand Afghanistan.

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26 years old Hamida daughter of Zar Khan is member of Tammana SHG who joined HiH-Af program in 2012. She lives in Bagh Pahlawan Village, Sholgara district of Balkh province, Afghanistan. After joining the Tamana SHG she learned about the methods of saving and the importance in their life as well as business and women in business ideas learning about women success stories in business. As she was interested in cloth sewing and tailoring, HiH-Af offered her tailoring training she learnt enthusiastically. Hamida got off a marginalized life in the community to a great start.

She obtained a loan of AFN 2,500 from the SHG and purchased a tailoring machine and started tailoring accepting orders of villagers, she paid back the loan to the SHG and received another loan of AFN 4,000 and purchased textile to prepare garments for district market and other new customers in different designs and colors. She receives average six orders in a week and is paid starting from AFN200 which brings her around AFN 5,000 per month which she uses for family expenses and also save part of income. She says “I learned how to sew good quality clothes, and therefore my customers are very happy. I take part in home expenses, support my father and I feel great about the change in my life”.

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