Job Information:

Job Category: Operation
Education: 8th class
Vacancy Number: HiH-AF 007/20
Position Title: Cleaner
Organization: Hand in Hand Afghanistan
Duty Station: Mazar Regional Office
Duration: Undetermined
Gender: Female & Male
Salary Range: Based on the organization salary scale
Announcing Date: June 15, 2020
Closing Date: June 25, 2020
Nationality: Afghan
Number of Position: One
Job Status: Interviewing
Job Type: Full Time 07:30 AM – 04:30 PM
Experience: Two years’ work experience


Hand in Hand Afghanistan (HiH Af) is a not-for-profit organization based in Afghanistan. It started operations in 2007. HiH Af is part of the international Hand in Hand (HiH Int’l) network of independent organizations, working together towards a shared vision to alleviate poverty through job creation. The overall Hand in Hand mission is to promote the economic and social empowerment of women, by supporting the creation of sustainable enterprises, improved livelihoods and jobs.

The Hand in Hand Afghanistan currently implementing projects in north of Afghanistan funded by DFID, European Commission, USADI, CAFOD, UNWFP, GIZ, Australian Aid,  Hilti Foundation, SIDA,  MISEREOR and Hand in Hand – International through its main office in Kabul and regional office in Mazar e Sharif – Balkh province.


Main Responsibilities: مسؤلیت های عمده

  • To ensure that all rooms are washed, vacuumed of the concerned offices/Guest hose, equipment and sweep dry/ with water the compound of the office on daily base.


  • همه اتاق های مربوطه دفتر / مهمانخانه  را مراقبت کند که پاک و جاروب شده، همه تجهیزات پاک باشد و همه روزه دهلیز ها را جاروب و با اب تمیز کند.


  • To ensure that all dirty clothes of the guest room including towels are washed and ironed on a weekly basis;
  • کسب اطمینان ازاینکه لباس های چرک مهمان خانه به شمول روی پاک ها هر هفته شسته و اطو میشوند.


  • To ensure that all cloths used for handling food is washed each day;
  • کسب اطمینان از شستن یومیه پارچه های که درآشپزخانه مورد استفاده قرارمیگیرند.


  • To ensure all bathrooms and toilets are washed, clean and check its needed toilet paper, brushes, cleaning powder, soap etc and report administration on a daily basis in case of any problem.
  • کسب اطمینان ازشستن و پاککاری تشناب ها و تهیه لوازم ضروری آن چون کاغذ تشناب ،برس ، پودروغیره ، درصورت بروز هرنوع مشکل باید به اداره اطلاع داده شود .


  • To ensure that all cloths used for dusting is washed weekly and to take away the garbage of the office and burn the waste printed paper.
  • کسب اطمینان از شستن هفته وار همه پارچه های که برای پاک کاری مورد استفاده قرار میگیرند، دور کردن کثافات از دفتر و سوختاندن اوراق زائد.


  • To turn off all the lights and unplug the heater/AC of the room at the related building, while leaving the office.
  • قبل از خارج شدن از دفتر چراغ ها، بخاری  / کولر های تعمیر مربوط را خاموش کند.


  • To assist the cook when required in the preparation of meals and cleaning up and assist with distribution and preparing of tea when required.
  • در صورت ضرورت با آشپز در قسمت تهیه و توزیع غذا و همچنان در پاک کاری و تهیه و توزیع چایی همکاری نماید.


  • To ensure that all rooms are heated in winter;
  • کسب اطمینان از گرم بودن اتاق ها در زمستان.
  • To ensure that all windows are washed and clean;
  • مطمئن باشد که همه کلکین ها و شیشه ها شسته  و پاک است.


  • To ensure that all water containers are filled in the office/residences;
  • کسب اطمینان ازپربودن همه ذخایر آب دفترو مهمانخانه ها.
  • To perform any other relevant duties as assigned by the supervisor;
  • انجام دادن وظایف دیگر که از طرف سوپروایزر محول میگردد.

Job Requirement:

Able to read and read in Dari language.

توانایی خواندن و نوشتن را به زبان دری داشته باشد

Honest and active.

صادق و فعال باشد.

Related experience

داشتن تجربه کاری


Submission Guidelines:

Interested applicant should submit his/ her application comprises of one page cover letter explaining his / her interest and suitability for the position along with updated CV.

The application should send via email to: and, please note that, applications received after the closing date (June 25, 2020) will not be considered. Only shortlisted candidates whose application meets the above criteria will be contacted for interview.

Please clearly indicate the vacancy announcement number in subject line of your email.

Note: Please clearly indicate the vacancy announcement number and the location of the position you have applied for in subject line of your email.

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