Meet Tahera

When there is life there are struggles and these struggles will remind you that even though you are facing hardships and challenges, don’t ever give up because the sun will shine again after the storm, to have a fresh new start that will allow you to do better and better. Those who persevere in the face of adversity will be altered in unforeseen ways.

Here is a real life story from Tahera that will teach us how to deal with life hardship and challenges.

 My name is Tahera, I am 38 years old. I got married while I was 16 years old and after 8 time of miscarriage we have one daughter, she is 9 years old, admitted to school and now she is in second class. I and my husband have the primary education, my husband is a labor, in the past he could found AFN 2,000 to AFN 6,000 per month, but nowadays due to Corona-Virus quarantines and insecurities it’s been super hard and difficult to find even that amount of income.

When we were in village I was busy with tailoring, I had customer over there, but when we come to Wali Aser, I couldn’t find even one customer here. We are living in a rental house and we are supposed to pay AFN 1,500 monthly. It’s been difficult and stressful that one person must pay for all living materials, therefore I decided to work and help my husband. Then, I joined the Setara Self-Help Group I received business service training and received embroidery machine along with embroidery tools and materials that help me build my own small enterprise and enabled me to have an income.

After finishing the above-mentioned trainings and receiving enterprise startup kit the government announce quarantine because of Corona-Virus that affected us to find customer, but I didn’t stop my work. I brought a sample of my work to the shops and the shopkeepers liked my work and contracted with me, they gave the fabric and I make designs on those fabrics. During the quarantine and insecurity, I could earn AFN 1,500 in a month. I know the amount is less, but I am happy that at least I’m able to do something for my family and I am sure I will be able to work and earn more in the future.

I would like to thank Hand in Hand Afghanistan Organization for their support and program, which enabled me to support my family during difficult times. I have a message for other women who want to help their families and want to make a better future for themselves, there is nothing impossible in his world and even if you are uneducated you can do something that will provide you with an income or by learning any skill at least you would be able to become financially independent.

Tahera’s story tells us that our difficulties are unwelcomed guests, yet they bring us precious gifts and once the agony is gone, the rewards are still there. These presents are life’s greatest jewels, purchased at a high cost yet not available in any other way.

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