Once groups are formed and basic group management training are completed, members are trained in Microfinance, BDS and market driven vocational skills as below.

Microfinance training module:

  • Savings and importance of savings
  • Microfinance and Islamic banking principles,
  • Community development activities
  • Promotion of female participation in family income generation activities

Development Services (BDS) training module:

  • Simple book-keeping,
  • Basics of business,
  • Macro and Micro Screening,
  • Environmental screening,
  • 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion),
  • Market survey card
  • Demand & Supply.


Vocational Skills Training

In addition to the BDS training there is need to build vocational skills of the potential entrepreneurs in order to enable them to start a successful enterprise.  Therefore HiH Af also focuses on supporting and providing market driven vocational trainings to SHG members including but not limited to:







Wool spinning




Pickle production

Knitting and weaving



In Afghanistan 66% of people are illiterate and lack of literacy and numerical skills have proven to severely limit the impact of the training.  HiH Af has therefore added literacy and numeracy trainings as a complementary part of the HiH model it is implementing in Afghanistan.  Although adding time and costs for HiH Af, this will substantially increase the effectiveness of the training and ensure that results are more sustainable.

Soon after mobilization and group formation the literacy and numeracy training will be offered to the illiterate members for a period of 9 months. The curriculum and training material approved by the Literacy department of Ministry of Education will be used.