Gulnar lives in Larket village of Balkhab district of Sarepul province she has two sons and one daughter, her husband is a farmer.

She says “My husband’s income was never enough to support our son’s higher education, therefore after completing high school my son couldn’t go to city and continue education. I was always worried about future of my children and we didn’t have any saving for emergencies”.

Gulnar joined Wafa Self Help Group after HiH Af started mobilization in her community, she attended regular group meetings, received Group Management, Microfinance and Business Development Services (BDS) training. She was very interested to have a business and generate income in order to help her family so she chose to join tailoring vocational skills training and received enterprise startup kit upon successful completion of the training.

She earns around AFN 6,000 per month and says “now I am helping my family financially, I have supported my son to start his higher education in Mazar and my family is very happy with my business”.

Her main customers are neighbors and relatives, she stiches women and children clothes. She says “my customers are increasing day by day and my business is creating more hope for a better future to my family”.

Gulnar has also learnt the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic calculations through HiH Af’s Life skills training for entrepreneurs which helps her in recording income and expenses.

She Says “HiH Af helps women like me so we can have a job and generate income to improve our lives and support our families”

Gulnar is planning to send her daughter for higher education as well, and she is planning to continue her business and expand it further.


  •    Telephone : +93 795 225 141
  •    Email :
  •    Address : House P-860, Street 10, Taimani, Kabul Afghanistan

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