Rozi Khal is 45 years old and mother of 7 children, she says “my eldest son got injured during the war and we fled to Pakistan, we lived there for 27 years and we didn’t have anything, my husband worked as labor in Queta city of Pakistan, he did very tough and hard work which made him sick, now he can hardly move. We returned to our country 5 years ago and life was getting worse day by day until HiH Af started “Creating Future Economic Prospects for Reintegration of Refugees and IDPs in Balkh Province” project and I joined Bahar group”.

Rozi Khal received poultry vocational skills training and built her backyard poultry farm with support and guidance of HiH Af trainers, she says “I never had a business idea until I learnt in training that I can have a business in my home, the poultry enterprise enables me to earn a decent income and help my family”.

After completion of poultry training Rozi Khal received feeders, 30 chickens, feed and other required materials from HiH Af as a helping hand in order to establish her poultry farm.

Now she earns around AFN 4,200 per month from selling eggs, she produces around 20 eggs every day.  

Rozikhal says “Now I am earning more than what I used to earn in bricks making factory, working in bricks making factory was very difficult too, I never had the idea and required skills to start this business earlier. The training and support of HiH Af has encouraged me to start the enterprise and now I am confident that I will be generating good income. I am planning to expand my enterprise within coming months to increase the number of chicken because there is good market for the eggs”.

  •    Telephone : +93 795 225 141
  •    Email :
  •    Address : House P-860, Street 10, Taimani, Kabul Afghanistan

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