Sharifa-Wool Spinner

Sharifa is an ideal in her village “Many women wish to be like me and respect me a lot “saying Sharifa 20 years-old girl. Sharifa studies Teacher’s Training in Sholgara District College. She joined Yaqoot SHG two years before when she was school student in Khawaja Skandar village. It has been long time that she was interested in wool spinning and tried her best to enhance her family income by spinning wool, but without attending vocational skills training, getting the necessary startup toolkits and making market linkage, it was almost impossible. In early 2013 she started to learn principles of microfinance, saving, loan, market supply, demand and wool spinning vocation, then got linked her enterprise to a shop in sholgara market by HiH vocational trainer. In average, she is able to spin about 15 kilos of wool in a month now and receives sum of AFN 2,000 as wage. With regular income, she affords stationery, bags, and Rikshaw (tricycle) fee for herself to continue her education. Sharifa is aiming to graduate and be a teacher and enhance her wool-spinning enterprise and hire more people to work for her enterprise.

  •    Telephone : +93 795 225 141
  •    Email :
  •    Address : House P-860, Street 10, Taimani, Kabul Afghanistan

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