Bellows are summery of the major activities taken place during January 2016 in Shortepa and Kishindeh districts of Balkh(1) province, Balkhab, Sancharak and Gosfandi districts of Sarepul(2) Province and Dar-e-Suf Bala and Dar-e-Suf Payeen districts of Samangan(3) province:

  • 31 (female) members completed the four modules of the Microfinance Training Package
  • 5378 (3,777 female and 1,601 male) members were trained in eight modules of Business Development Services (BDS) training package.
  • 1,205 (751 female and 454 male) members are under the vocational training on different occupations while 391 members (186 female and 205 male ) received vocational training and were enabled to start and/or expand their micro-enterprise
  • 1,446 (1,122 female and 324 male) members are under the Life Skills Training, including basic literacy and numeracy to understand how to read and write.
  • A total value of 1,654,077 AFN was saved in the SHGs by the group members. Also total value of 1,470,984 AFN was lent to 255 (191 female and 64 male) group members as internal loans.
  • During this reporting period, 151 (113 female and 38 male) micro-enterprise formed and 119 (97 female and 22 male) micro-enterprise expanded which has resulted in creation of 378 (294 female and 84 male) jobs.
  • HiH Af management also conducted Stakeholders Meeting for “Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship and Promoting Women’s Socio-conomic Empowerment” project that is implementing in Dar-e-Suf Bala and Dar-e-Suf Payeen districts of Samangan province. The purpose of the meeting was to give stakeholders a brief of current achievements in the province, present 2016 action plan and receive feedback and suggestions for HiH AF operations in Samangan province. At the end of the event, the participants were invited to visit the exhibition of HiH AF’s Self Help Groups products.
  • A big challenge ahead of young graduates is to secure employment in public and private sector. To address this problem, HiH Af provided internship opportunities for fresh college and university graduates to work with HIH Af different department to get the needed experience. Currently there are 21 interns introduced by the ASCFO and other institutions and are working in HiH Af Mazar Regional office.

1: “Sustainable Livelihood Program”, a project funded by Hand in Hand International and Maitri Trust

2: “Reducing Poverty and Gender Inequality in Sarepul province of Afghanistan by Improving Household Income and Financial Resilience for Rural Women through Enterprise and Job Creation”, a project funded by DFID, Hand in Hand International and Maitri Trust.

3: “Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship and Promoting Women’s Socio-Economic Empowerment in Dar-i-Suf Bala and Dar-i-Suf Payan districts of Samangan province”, a project funded by EU, J&J CCT and Hand in Hand International

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