Khwanin is a livestock rearing entrepreneur and a member of Quds SHG in Zawarha village of Sholgara district since February 2013 and has saved sum of AFN 2,250 within the group. He received livestock vocational training and has learned a lot such as; proper feeding method, corral hygiene and vaccines which helped him a lot to improve his business. He has also learned different types of animal diseases and ways to prevent them.

He rears and fattens small sheep and sells in to Sholgara and Mazar city market. Khawanin usually earned AFN 10,000 before because he was selling to brokers that had kept him away from the market, but his income has increased to AFN 18,000 per month after he put his learnings into practice. The new improved skill helped him increase his income and make a better living for his family. “I could rebuild new windows and doors for our cottage and I am happy” Khawanin said.


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