Zara, 50 years old, mother of 6 kids, lives in Mir Qasim Jan village of Chimtal district. She says “My husband used to be a farmer, but since 5 years he has been struggling and can’t work on farms anymore because he is too old. Our financial situation worsened day by day since then, and we were living in neighbors and relatives donation.”

Zara’s has 4 daughters and two sons, two daughters are married, other two daughters and two sons aged 9, 11, 13 and 14 respectively, live with her. She says “life was becoming difficult everyday as my husband fell sick and we didn’t have money to pay for his treatment.”

Zara joined HiH Af Self-Help Group named “Eftikhar” after “Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women and Men” project started mobilization in their community, she attended group management, microfinance, business development services, vocational skills and marketing and value addition trainings.

She says “After I came to know that HiH Af is teaching women business and skills, immediately I decide to join, after completing BDS training I decide to learn tailoring and upon completion of the training I received enterprise startup kit. With support of HiH Af now I am running a business”.

Zara earns around AFN 5,000 per month, she says “Now I am running the family, I have my own savings, and my kids are not worried about their future or education because they are confident that I will be able to pay their expenses.”

Zara has recruited a girl named “Najma” for apprenticeship; Najma has just completed high school and wants to learn tailoring. Zara says “through my business, I earn income for my family and create job opportunity to others. These girls need to learn skills to overcome financial challenges and be independent.”

Zara has paid for treatment of her husband, pays school expenses of her kids and plans to take 5 more women for apprenticeship as she says “they will learn tailoring from me and will assist me in expanding my business at the same time”.

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