A Group of Wool Spinners

A Group of Wool Spinners

“We feel confident by running our wool spinning business and we have our own income which we had never experienced before. We are planning to create more job opportunities for other women in the community.” Say the Common Interest Group members. Nargis along with 60 other female members mobilized in to different Wool Spinning Common Interest Groups in Sholgara district of Balkh Province two years ago. They were housewives and the only engagement they had was daily home chores. They have been trained on Bookkeeping, Micro-finance, Business Development Services and wool spinning training with a newly designed and relatively quicker machine. They have changed their traditional method to a quality improved yarn production technique with higher volume production after receiving the training. They are linked to Bano a wool processing Company under a contract. The company provides wool to the group and receives back the yarn. Mr. Assadullah was selected by more than 60 female members in Qurbaqa Khana village of Sholgara district to represent the women and deal with the wool providing company at Mazar-e-Sharif city. He comes to Mazar-e-Sharif city to brings wool to Sholgara and transfers back the produced yarn to the company and he is paid AFN 10 for each kg of yarn as commission by the company.

“The saving component is very useful and we have learned borrowing money, making profit and repaying loan installments” Makai one of the group members said.

Every single member spines more than 2 kg of yarn daily and earns AFN 40 per kg as wage and an individual member can make up to AFN 2,500 per month. By the income they generate they provide school expenses including children school stationery, medical treatment, transport, seasonal and casual clothes for themselves.

“We want to further improve our business and keep it sustainable in future and increase the volume of our production through accepting more women to our production group. It will create economic stability in the form of job creation and income enhancement either in the community and family levels”. The group says


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