Asghar is father of two children and lives in Qalacha village of Gosfandi district of Sarepul province. He comes from a poor family and before getting married, he was working as wage laborer whenever he found a job. To get married he had to borrow money from his family and friends which made his life difficult. After getting married, he wasn’t able to find a stable job therefore he had to travel abroad in search of a job. He Says “I was working in Iran to send money home and I could only visit my family once in a year”.

Asghar joined HiH Af’s SHG named Muntazeran after he was deported from Iran. He says “I was motivated with the vision of HiH Af which is poverty reduction through job creation” He attended Group Management, Microfinance and Business Development Services (BDS) Trainings.  After talking with HiH Af field staff and trainers he developed a business plan and he secured an internal loan of AFN 7,000 to start his own business of selling fuel and gas.

Now, he has his own business within his village. He says “Since I have attended the BDS training I have better knowledge of the business than my competitors, hence my business is running better”. His shop is not only helping him as an enterprise, but also provides fuel and gas for villagers within their village which people appreciate. Asghar sells the items in lower price than other competitors because he buys the fuel and gas directly from whole sellers.

Now Asghar is earning around AFN 6,000 per month and he is sure his business will grow this winter. He is also planning to extend his services and start selling wood and other needs of villager during the coming season. He said “I am very happy to be with my family and children and I am confident that my business will grow bigger soon”.

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