Associations and Enterprises Linked to Market

Hand in Hand Afghanistan has formed 46 Associations in 4 different sectors (Beekeeping, Poultry, Handicraft and Livestock) in Dara i Suf Bala and Dara i Suf Payan districts of Samangan Province under the project named “Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship and Promoting Women’s Socio-Economic Empowerment” co-funded by EU and HiH International.
Market Linkage Workshop was held on 6th August 2016 where Government officials, Sectorial Departments and value chain actors such as investors, whole sellers and suppliers were invited in order to establish Market Linkages between these Associations and value chain actors.
As result total of 68 MoUs in Poultry, Agriculture, Handicraft and Beekeeping sectors were signed between associations and private sector which links more than 5,400 micro-entrepreneurs to the market.
Also in this event Rural Entrepreneurs from Keshendeh and Shortepa districts of Balkh province covered under the “Sustainable Livelihood Project” funded by HiH International participated which resulted in linkage of 46 rural enterprise groups to market.

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