In Kunduz Province, an important project is underway to improve food security and nutrition for small farmers facing drought

This project is a partnership between the Hand in Hand Afghanistan Organization (HIHAO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

HIHAO is implementing this initiative, in Khan Abad, Imam Sahib, Ali Abad, Chahar Darah, and Kunduz Center. It aims to help 35,118 men and women who are struggling with food security and agriculture.

In 2022, we achieved some significant milestones. We distributed 15,000 agricultural packages and provided valuable farming advice to our dedicated farmers. This approach was designed to meet immediate food needs and address long-term food insecurity.

The FAO generously supported HIHAO financially in 2022, helping 15,000 farming families in Kunduz Province. We distributed a total of 2,250 metric tons of supplies, including 50 kilograms of wheat seed, 50 kilograms of di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), and 50 kilograms of urea to each beneficiary.

Our impact assessment shows that the hard work of these farmers led to an impressive average wheat yield of 0.84 metric tons per Jerib. In total, they produced 25,500 metric tons of wheat, significantly reducing food insecurity in Kunduz Province.

Our case studies also demonstrate the success of this project, benefiting approximately 15,000 food-insecure families and positively affecting market prices.

But our commitment goes beyond this. We recently distributed vegetable seeds and gardening tools to families in various districts of Kunduz Province, providing them with resources for sustainable food production.

In 2023, HIHAO, with support from FAO Afghanistan, launched a campaign to combat locusts, a major threat to our farmers’ fields.

Our unwavering goal is to empower these resilient farmers with resources and knowledge, not just to restore but to enhance food production. We are dedicated to building a future full of hope and prosperity for the people in Kunduz Province.

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