“I joined Tabesh Self Help Group and attended regular group meetings and received poultry vocational skills training to build a backyard poultry farm. I was always interested to have my own source with proper income and help my husband” says, Fahima 45 years old.
Fahima is married and lives in Shah Rahim villages of Khulm district. Her husband does not have a job and sometimes he works in the neighbours’ garden for a small wage, therefore Fahima had to wash clothes of her neighbours to have daily wage and provide food for her 5 children who are 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16 years old. After completion of poultry training Fahima received 15 chickens, feed and other required tools from Hand in Hand Afghanistan to establish her first backyard poultry farm ten months ago.
Fahima says, “I collect around 100 eggs weekly and keep them between straw in a carton and send them to Kabul and earn about AFN 3,000 every month.
Fahima is proactive, she has expanded her poultry business and has started animal husbandry as well. With her income and AFN 5,000 loan from her SHG, she bought a calf and after fatting it for few months she will sell it back to earn more money.
“I am very thankful to Hand in Hand Afghanistan for the support and training. HiH Af helps women like me who can now generate income and help their families. I promised to make a comfortable life for my children. I feel proud empowered” adds  Fahima.

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