Farida – Honey Producer

“It is worth trying to learn new skills” says Farida a 32 years old girl. Farida lives with her father and mother in the family. Her father works on land as a farmer with monthly average income AFN 3,800 and her mother is a housewife. Farida joined Shogofa SHG and went through group management, microfinance and business skills training; where she found her capabilities eked out business ideas and run a micro enterprise.

She learned the technical skills of beekeeping and obtained a loan of AFN 10,000 from HiH Af’s EIF with her AFN 5,500 saving in the group she started beekeeping microenterprise for the first time in Marmul district. She purchased two aviaries of honey bees and harvests 19 kilos honey and sold for AFN 25,000 in each round. Farida had never developed an entrepreneurial spirit in her before, but now she is satisfied of her attempts and plans to expand her enterprise.

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