Ghulam Ali, an idol entrepreneur in his village

Ghulam Ali is 35 year old living with his wife and 7 children in Zeraki Village, Dara-e-Suf Bala district of Samangan province. He was a butcher selling beef and mutton, but his income was very low leaving him with many financial problems and when he heard about Hand in Hand he decided to join the Shaheen SHG formed in their village in 2014. Ghulam Ali started savings within the group at the same time built his capacity through the training packages provided by HiH Af.

After he develop his technical skills, he decided to start his own small enterprise and invest in chicken meat farming, where again HiH Af supported him by providing enterprise startup toolkit including 50 pcs of meat chicks and other poultry equipment to which he added another AFN 15,000 to build the aviary and purchase chicken feed.

Ghulam Ali had a monthly income of around AFN 5,000 and now his net profit is AFN 13,000 which shows a considerable increase of AFN 8,000 through poultry farming. His hard work and dedication is an example for other entrepreneurs in the village, the villagers are happy from him because people do not like to use the frozen meat imported from neighboring countries.

Now he is in a good financial position and can afford a better living, he also has planned to expand the chicken farm.

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