Giving a Helping Hand

An example joint effort by a couple to overcome financial challenges

46 years old Fatima – mother of 8 children – lives with her husband in Faizabad village of Dara-i-Suf Payan district. It has always been hard to earn for a big family’s expenses. To overcome on this problem, Fatima has been sparing no effort to assist her husband, who is a farmer and can hardly earn a monthly income of AFN 7,000 per month. She used to do wool spinning with traditional method, that she could hardly earn AFN 1,000 in a month. She came to know about Hand in Hand Afghanistan in her home district. She was convinced to join Sadat SHG and regularly participated in trainings and after completion of trainings she received wool-spinning toolkit to expand her micro-business.

Beside the toolkit she received, she secured an internal loan of AFN 10,000 to expand her wool spinning micro-enterprise. With skills she learned during vocational training and the use of new toolkit, she now produces and sells different kinds of products like rugs and handkerchiefs to her clients, who are mostly shopkeepers in Dara-i-Suf Payan.

“By the positive change in my life, I can buy new clothes to my children; assist my husband in family’s expenses and also save some money for emergencies.” Says Fatima.

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