Because her husband had no stable job, 48 year old Fatima – mother of six children – was looking a way out to give a helping hand for family’s expenses. But she was illiterate and had no vocational skill. This all changed, she found a micro-entrepreneurship idea when she joined Gul-Sahar Self Help Group of Hand in Hand Afghanistan in her home district of Dar-e-Suf Bala of Samangan province.

Since she has joined her SHG, she has been a regular member and enjoys the time she spends on her group and training sessions. She is also considered a quick learner and after she learned basic information on micro-entrepreneurship and vocational skills, she was inspired to start-up a micro-poultry business at her home’s backyard. She later received business start-up toolkit for her chicken-raising business and started her micro-business by selling eggs to neighbors. Because she used skills she learned during training modules, she now earns 100 AFN per day making a total income of 3,000 in a month.

So far she has an internal saving of 1,850 AFN in her group. She says she can now support her husband in providing family’s expenses. “Now I can properly take care of my family, especially my children’s education. SHGs saved my life.” Says Fatima.

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