Mah Jan is 21 years old, married and living with her in-laws together in Abul Talib village of Mazar-e- Sharif, Balkh province. Her husband is a taxi driver. He normally earns around AFN 500 per day. As they are a big family and his amount is not enough to cover all their expenses. Mah Jan was suffering from unemployment at home, but she wanted to make her career, therefore when she heard about the project in their village, she decided to test her luck and listed her name as a potential beneficiary. Luckily, she was identified eligible to join the program and she joined Sadaf self-help group. Mah Jan says,” I have received six months vocational skills training on beautician and also received group management and business development service training.”

Mah Jan only completed high school and was interested in beautician works when she was a teenager. She opened a small beauty salon in their area after receiving the enterprises start-up kit from Hand in Hand Afghanistan organization. It is almost a month since Mah Jan opened her salon and she made a profit of AFN 2,000.

Mah Jan added,” I believe on women empowerment and feeling good with so much positive energy around me. My goal is to make progress and be able to meet my own expenses, so I lent AFN 5,000 from the SHG in order to expand my beauty salon. In the future, I want to establish a bigger salon where several other people work with me. I want to be professional and offer better service for my customers”.

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