Maryam’s Story

Living and earning money is not an easy task, especially in a situation where poverty is widespread.

Maryam a 23-years old literate girl who lives with her parents, two brothers and one sister in Dehmeskin village of Bagram district, Parwan province. She tells her story in her own words:

As the eldest daughter of my family, I have huge responsibility to help look after everyone. We belong to a poor family, where my father is a farmer and works in farms for people to support us. I realized that I should not remain a burden on them any longer and should find some sort of job to earn income. When I came of age, I found that tailoring could be a good sort of income to become self-sufficient and through this business I could build a good life for me and my family. I joined Tamadon Self-Help Group when Hand in Hand Afghanistan organization came to our village and attended regular group meetings and have saved AFN 2,250 so far. I also received group management, micro-finance and business development services trainings.

After completing Business Development Services, I selected tailoring business as of my interest because there is always demand for this and I can run it at home while I am staying and going nowhere. Beside this in trainings I learnt about market demand and competitors.

After that, I received enterprise startup kit from HIHAO to establish my micro-enterprise. I run a tailoring enterprise and stitching children and women clothes and the customers are from our village.

I earn around AFN 8,000 in each month and I fulfilled the responsibilities I had on my shoulders years ago.

I need to purchase a zigzag machine which is the main need of my business to make some new designs. Now, I am planning to train other women who are interested to learn tailoring and support their families. I want to thank the HIHAO that always support the poor and needed families specially women.

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