“I joined Parwana group and received poultry training, I learned how to run a poultry farm and how to contribute in family expenses through selling eggs. I also learned how to take care of chickens and about reproducing chickens.” Says Shaboo, 55, mother of 8, who lives in Jigabanda, a village just outside of Aiybak city, Samangan Province.

Shaboo’s husband is old and physically disabled -can’t work – her son used to be the only breadwinner of the family, she says, “I never knew women can also have a business, It was difficult to believe in the beginning that a small poultry farm could generate income, but after completing trainings and receiving support I got the confident and built my chicken coop with help of my son and then started this poultry farm.”

Shaboo is one of 421 women supported under GIZ funded project in Samangan province, the ‘Creating Future Economic Prospects for Reintegration of Returnees and IDPs in north and north-eastern regions of Afghanistan through the Layers Poultry Value Chain’ project is implemented by Hand in Hand Afghanistan and supports 1580 returnees and IDPs in Balkh, Samangan and Baghlan provinces.

Shaboo received poultry training and upon successful completion of the trainings she was provided 25 layer chickens, chicken feed, feeders, water-pots, metal door and other necessary tools as helping hand to enable her establish a backyard poultry farm. She says “I established the poultry farm to produce eggs and support my family as I have 4 underage kids, now despite using eggs at home I am earning around AFN 2,000 (US $ 26) per month by selling eggs through the association.”

HiH Af has established producers’ association -egg collection centers- in each community to support the poultry farmers with market linkages, women don’t have to search for customers as the associations buys the eggs and associations are linked to market where they can sell eggs in bulk.

Shaboo contributes in feeding the family and also saves for emergencies, she says “In the past, I had to ask my son for some money for my basic needs, but now I am able to contribute in family expenses also I have my own savings for emergencies. I am planning to expand the farm in order to produce more eggs and earn more. There is good market for eggs.”

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