Tahera, an Afghan women whom was born and raised in Iran, She with her husband and her two years old daughter migrated to Germany in 2016. They returned back to Afghanistan after 8 month of living in there when they were informed about the news of her father in-law death in Afghanistan.

Now, she is 32 years old and lives with her husband, daughter and mother in-law in a rental house in Kora Milli village of Herat city. They pay 2,000 AFN as house rent every month while her husband has no job and regular income.

Her husband was tailor in Iran and has got chronic pain on his waist and has had surgical operation in past and due to this health problem, he can only do some light work and that is why his income is too little to cover their family expenses.

Tahera’s relatives have provided them with some essential household items and equipment when they initially returned back to Afghanistan and International Office for Migration (IOM) also has paid their house rent for almost a year.

 “I have done high school in Iran. My husband motivated me and I learned some basic tailoring skills from him, so now I am busy by sewing cloths at home. However, there is very little demand for tailoring in our village. I earn monthly wage of AFN 1,000 that somehow can support my family for daily expenses. Recently Hand in Hand Afghanistan started “Creating Future Economic Prospects for Reintegration of Refugees and IDPs” in our village, I joined Essar group and successfully completed poultry vocational skills training, and I received enterprise startup kit along with 25 chickens and started my backyard poultry farm”, said Tahera.

She also added, “As we are small family, my responsibility is not much at home therefore, I am able to run both business at home and I will achieve my all goals through these microenterprises soon. I love to be financially independent in my life and support my husband to beat poverty and bring changes in our lives and I am so thankful to HiH Af and GIZ for their generous assistance for me and other vulnerable families”.

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