Meet Zulaikha

Meet Zulaikha

Once financially dependent on her husband who was facing difficulties in providing family’s expenses, Zulaikha, a mother of  four children from Aqcha district, is now an idol to her village women and have inspired tens of women to join HiH-Af Self-Help Groups,

Before she joins HiH-Af services, she wasn’t able to send her elder son to school because of poor economic condition she had. To help her family daily expenses, she was doing embroidery at home. Despite all efforts she had been making, she was earning monthly AFN 700.

This all changed when a relative of her encouraged her to join Hand in Hand  Afghanistan and she was enrolled in an SHG where she learnt the basis of doing business and as well as Life Skill training, she received embroidery toolkit to expand her enterprise. . “I think I am the happiest woman because I can help my family and send my son to school” she says. “I have a unique skill by which I can support my family especially my kids” she added.

Zulaikha now provide handicrafts for her neighbors, relatives and accept work offers of shopkeepers. She now earns a monthly income of AFN 4,000 which can help with her families daily expenses, send her son to school and save a little for emergencies.

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