Mohammad Ali has been in quarantine for a long time without correct information about the Coronavirus. He even did not go to the yard of his own house as someone told him to stay at home because he has diabetes and got tuberculosis last year. His hands and feet are shaking. He lives with his two sons and wife in a rental house in Shahrak Ali Abad of Mazar-e- Sharif city, Balkh province.

Mohammad Ali 67 years old says, “The coronavirus crises has brought big changes in peoples’ lives. It has made life incredibly difficult for our family. The lockdown has caused many economic problems for everyone in the society, especially poor families like us. People cannot work and the biggest concern is lack of food. My sons are daily wage workers and it is almost two months that they have no work and there is no enough food at home to eat.”

“I had some information about COVID-19, but not in such a detail that I heard from Hand in Hand Afghanistan staff. They really provide important information on COVID-19 to us. In fact, we could not afford to buy sanitary items for our daily use.  The posters we received always reminds us what to do and what to not. We now wash our hands with soap, use disinfections and mask. From a psychological point of view, we are mentally comfortable that at least we practice preventive measures,” said Mohammad Ali.

I on behalf of the community thank Hand in Hand Afghanistan and the donors for this valuable support to the most vulnerable people. It is very helpful for reduction of coronavirus transmission.  

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