Nafisa, a 20 year old Afghan lady is living in Qezelkent village of Sholagara district of Balkh province with her husband and a son. She joined the Roshan SHG formed by HiH Af in June 2012. This was the first time for Nafisa to be among the other ladies of the same community for the purpose of creating a better livelihood for her family. Nafisa’s husband who is a 25 years old man had to travel to Iran in search of job because he never had enough income to fulfill all needs of his family while he was working in the village.

Nafisa knew nothing about business and enterprises, she thought women are meant to be at home and do house works, but being an active members of her group helped her learn a lot from the trainings. However she had the skill of weaving gelem (rugs), Qors dozi and other handy crafts but this skill were never put in use. She was interested in tailoring and after joining the SHG she learned tailoring from HiH Af vocational trainers and having access to finance let her start her microenterprise. She took a loan of AFN 5,000 form the SHG and purchased a sewing machine and the raw materials. She makes dress and sells it in her neighborhood and to a market in Mazar where she is linked by HiH Af. Each dress takes two days to complete and costs AFN 200 and she sells it for AFN 300.

Nafisa says; I had never thought about our future now I know I should care about my family and my son. Besides the trainings the saving component of the program is what she has liked the most. She is grateful for the support and she is planning to expand her activities and then call her husband back home.

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