Salima, The Broom Maker

Salima, The Broom Maker

Salima is a young women living with her husband, two sons and one daughter in Wali Bay village of Aqcha district in Jawzjan province. She knew how to make brooms and was earning AFN 2,000 per month on average, but this income was never sufficient to meet their household expenses and her husband’s joblessness was just adding to the problems.

She joined a Hand in Hand group last year and from there on she never looked back. Salima learnt doing business and at the same time she started saving within the group.

Day by day she realized changes in her own potential and improvement of her self-confidence, therefore she borrowed amount of AFN 5,000 from the group savings in order to give a new start to her small broom making enterprise. Investing more money helped Salima to purchase more raw materials and produce more.

She says “I was making and selling brooms before joining Hand in Hand Afghanistan, but I knew nothing about business and marketing that was the reason I was earning less. Alhamdulellah now my business is growing and I focus more on the quality”.

Not only this, Salima has also given her husband a job. Her husband helps her in supplying raw material and selling the finished brooms to the market. They can together make 400 brooms per month and this has increased their monthly net income from AFN 2,000 to AFN 8,000 which shows a considerable increase of AFN 6,000.

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