Samargul, 46 years old is living with her husband, her two daughters, one son and her mother in law in Deh Meskin village of Bagram district, Parwan province. Her husband is a farmer and Samargul herself used to be a housewife only. She joined Hand in Hand Afghanistan’s Empowering Women in Afghanistan project in December 2018. She received a series of training including Business Development services and basic financial management. Later she gained a good understanding of market and could decide to start layer poultry farming after receiving chickens and tools from HiH Af. Recently she has heard about the coronavirus on TV and in her SHG, she learnt more about it from HiH Af trainer. She says, I was worried about myself and my family specially my children. We had to change the way we lived, for example we did not shake hands anymore and had to keep social distancing.”

Samargul’s husband lost her job as he had to stay home and the wage, he used to receive everyday was not there anymore. Samargul says, “this is what happened to most of the people who used to earn during the day and eat at night. With my income we can only afford a few of our basic needs, therefore we were not able to spend money to buy hygiene products.”

She continues, “Our trainer provided more information about the coronavirus and ways to prevent its transmission and how to keep ourselves safe from this deadly disease. I was relaxed after listening to her as there are easy ways to stay safe.”

Like many other women in her village, Samargul received a kit including soap to wash her hands, a bottle of chlorine liquid which she uses to prepare disinfectant liquid a facemask and gloves that she uses while preparing disinfectants.  

She added, “I learned how to prepare disinfectant using chlorine liquid and I sterilize my home regularly. I and my children wash our hands for 20 second each time and we do not shake hands with anyone and do not go to crowded places. All this has helped me in staying safe and feel comfortable.”

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