Under the “Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women and Men” project in Chimtal district of Balkh province HiH Af established and trained an association bringing together 875 (80% female) rural entrepreneurs to further improve the quality of their products, link them to market and reduce costs.

The association training covers topics on association management, accounting and book keeping, basics of marketing management, basics of supply chain management and association’s social responsibilities. In this training 10 (7 female) founders and board of association participated.

Ms. Hangama, director of Chimtal association, says “Without this training I would have not been able to manage the association properly, now I am confident that I will be able to carry out the association’s activities which ultimately results in increased income to our members”.

The associations also ensure sustainability of micro-enterprises by enabling entrepreneurs to interact with each other, improve quality, access to market, increase profit by bulk purchasing of raw material and share learning with each other.

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