NDV and IB Vaccination for Hamdard Poultry Farms

Through the “Supporting an Inclusive Poultry Value Chain” project’s training, Community Veterinary Workers (CVW) have been able to provide poultry services in their communities. Recently, they launched a campaign to apply poultry vaccination to poultry farms in Hamdard town, Balkh province.

HIHAO is supporting a Newcastle disease vaccine (NDV) and infectious bronchitis (IB) immunization program for 1,600 chicken farms with the built-in capabilities of the local community.

By the end of the campaign, which began on January 21 and will end on February 10, approximately 32,000 hens will have been vaccinated on the chicken farms owned by the 1,600 beneficiaries.

After completing the practical and theoretical classes of poultry farming as the primary veterinary service provider in their villages, the Community Veterinary Workers (CVW) received kits containing veterinary supplies and equipment, as well as some necessary poultry medications, in early December 2022, and are now serving local communities in the immunization case. The vaccination benefits the hens by immunizing them against sickness and increasing their egg-laying output in the chicken coops.


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