Sarepul Provincial Stakeholders Engagement and Feedback

Stakeholders Engagement and Feedback

A committee assigned by the Sarepul Province Governor consisting representatives from Provincial Economy Department, Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (DoLSAMD ) and Women Affairs department monitored HiH Af project in this province. They visited Self-Help Group, existing enterprises and on-going training in Sancharak, Gosfandi and Balkhab districts.

HiH Af continuously engages with stakeholders throughout projects implementation and government officials regularly monitor HiH Af’s projects.

The committee was very impressed by observing project progress, they encouraged beneficiaries and provided feedback and also expressed their commitments and promised their continuous support towards the project.

HiH Af is currently implementing “Reducing Poverty and Gender Inequality by Improving Household Income and Financial Resilience for Rural Women through Enterprise and Job Creation” project in Sancharak, Gosfandi and Balkhab districts of Sarepul province funded by DFID and HIHI.

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