Hand in Hand Afghanistan establishes associations in order to bring Self-Help Group members together, facilitate their linkages to market and ensure sustainability of their businesses.

During May 2017, HiH Af facilitated formation of district level associations in Sancharak, Gosfandi and Balkhab districts of Sarepul province. One district level association is formed on top of previously formed village level associations in each district.

Male and female representatives of village level associations elected board of directors at district level associations in each district through a democratic election process in presence of government officials, DDAs and CDCs. The board of directors will be trained and capacitated further to be able to well manage their association.

These district level associations will be registered with the Ministry of Justice in order to allow them function as a registered and recognized entity.

These associations, both at the village and district level, tie members and their micro-enterprises together and ensure their sustainability after the project concludes.

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