Enterprise Startup Kits Create Jobs

Enterprise Startup Kits Create Jobs

Hand in Hand Afghanistan as part of its enterprise and job creation module conducts vocational skills training for members of SHGs and supports them to establish sustainable enterprises.

To achieve this, after successful completion of vocational skills training, rural entrepreneurs are provided with enterprise startup kits as a helping hand so that they can establish their enterprises.

Enterprise startup kits are very essential for enterprise creation for new entrepreneurs as well as it is ensuring sustainability of enterprises.

During the month of September 2016 a total of 846 various enterprises startup kits were provided as follows:

  • Gosfandi District: 392
  • Sancharak District: 407
  • Kishindeh District: 11
  • Sholgara District: 36

During this reporting period total 1,237 Jobs created through micro-enterprises run by SHG members.

Association Formation

Hand in Hand Afghanistan brings together the Self Help Group members within villages to establish Associations and these Associations will come together to form district level Association.

Associations are very effective and efficient for rural entrepreneurs to come together and work as a team as well as it helps them reduce cost, time and improve quality of their products by sharing knowledge and lessons learnt.

During this reporting month Hand in Hand Afghanistan established 10 associations in 33 villages of Kishindeh district and these associations formed a district level association.

SHG Members Monthly Savings and Loan Summary

During this reporting period total AFN 1,332,200 have been saved internally by SHG members supported by HiH Af,  and AFN 913,000 have been internally lent by SHG members for the enterprise creation/enhancement.


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