Ten years ago her husband separated from her because she had no children and he married with another lady. She inevitably started living in a room at her brother’s yard. She had some basic weaving skills before joying with Hand in Hand Afghanistan. She used to weave some handicrafts using on wall and mostly her brother was taking the responsibility of all her expenses.

Bi Bi Nabat 53 years old, is living in Char Asyab village of Sholgar district, Balkh province. she says, “Like many girls living in Afghanistan, because of the cultural norms, lack of knowledge and awareness, gender and social sensitivity, couldn’t attend school – a dream of mine didn’t come true”.

 “She had no idea how things will turn out in her life once she knew about HiH-Af activities and joined one of the SHGs in the beginning of year 2019. She was enrolled in a group named Mahtab and started receiving training on group management, Micro Finance and Business Development Services. The trainings program donated a positive impetus to re-start her micro-enterprises”.  She mentioned,” during training process my vision changed a lot that I knew that the rights women have; the right to work, vote, study and generate income.

 She lent 3,000 AFN from Self Help Group in order to make better and promote her business she bought wool along with necessary tools to begin with tight nisus and stronger enthusiasm than ever before. However she had the skills of weaving neck string for Animals such as; horse, donkey and camel, but due to lack of money she never made good income through it and could only meet her very small need. Now she earns between AFN 3,000 to 4,000 per month. Bi Bi Nabat’s sister lives in Pakistan and sometime she helps her for some new design and order. Through this business she is training two students as well and she plans start livestock in future.

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